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The Kawasaki ZRX1200s is a 4 cylinder 16 valve liquid cooled 1200cc machine developing 122bhp.


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Colour Options Red, Blue, Silver
Engine Size 1,164cc
Insurance Category 14
Engine Layout 4 Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, DOHC, 16 Valve
Claimed Power in BHP 122@8,500rpm
Torque 112Nm@7,000rpm
Dry Weight 227kg
Fuel Capacity 19Ltr
Seat Height 790mm
Wheelbase 1465mm
Main Service Interval 4000 miles
Security Options -
Starter Electric
Front Tyre Size 120/70ZR17
Rear Tyre Size 180/55ZR17
Ignition Digital
Brakes Front Twin disc - 6 piston callipers - semi floating disks
Brakes Rear Single disc
4,000ml Service

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I collected the ZRX1200S on Saturday 28 April. I arranged insurance through Bennetts Insurance for 480 fully comprehensive with no no-claims bonus. This price was in fact less than the so called subsidised insurance for the Fazer through Yamaha Link! Yamaha Link, in my opinion is not a good deal. The premium for the Fazer was in the region of 500 plus they insisted on Data Tag for the bike which was 100. They would not allow a change to any other bike, even a Yamaha so I ended up having to start again with no no-claims bonus and a useless policy for the Fazer with 10wks to run (so not worth cashing in)!

On checking all the levels I found that they were all barely adequate except for the clutch fluid. Every level was just over the minimum, oil, both brake fluids, coolant. I topped up the oil and coolant but I'm leaving the brake fluids until the first service. The reason for this is that the handbook says different makes of fluid should not be mixed and I don't know what make was used. I may be a little paranoid here as I am sure any DOT4 fluid would be fine.

Also where the screen meets the fairing just above the headlight the piece of  fairing should sit underneath the screen. However, on the left hand side the piece of fairing was under the screen at the top but over it at the bottom. This meant the plastic was bent causing the lower part to stick out. What surprises me is that someone could put in the fastening screws and force this bend into the plastic and not realise something was wrong!!!! I was going to take it back to the dealer to show them but the weather turned iffy so I loosened all the fixings and pushed it back into the right place myself.

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The ZRX is very different from the Fazer. It does not rev nearly as hard and whereas the Fazer needed revs to produce its power the ZRX pulls like a steam train from 2,000rpm. I have to keep the revs down to 4,000 for the first 500mls. I am finding this a little taxing as the bike wants to go! However 4,000rpm is about 75mph so it's not too bad really. Between 500 and 1,000mls the revs can be taken to 6,000, this should be about 110mph so from my point of view after 500mls I won't be bothered.

The riding position is quite comfortable there is little weight on the wrists and the seat although firmer than the Fazer does not seem to give "numb bum". The riders footpegs do seem quite high for a bike with touring potential but it is no way uncomfortable. The pillion footpegs however are very high to clear the exhaust and although Gwyn has sat on it and says she feels OK it remains to be seen how she will fair on a longish run.

The controls on the ZRX are pretty standard, however, it does have adjustable levers for the clutch and the front brake which I find very useful. The clutch is hydraulic and stiffer to pull than the Fazer but it does have to contain a lot of power without slipping. The brakes are very good, the front is twin 6 pot callipers

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and the rear is a single disk which you can actually feel slow you down! This may seem obvious but I have ridden bikes where you apply the rear brake and wonder if it is working.

The brakes are very powerful but are different to the Fazer. On the Fazer I always felt if you panic grabbed the front brake it would cause problems but on the ZXR the brake feels more progressive.

The gear change is much more positive than the Fazer and less "clunky" although there is a clunk as you engage 1st after that it's sweet. The gearbox is equipped with a "positive neutral" feature which only allows the selection of neutral from 1st when stationary, so no fiddling about at traffic lights to find neutral.


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The fairing gives excellent protection from the wind. It is as good if not better in its standard form as the Fazer was with the Powerbronze screen fitted. The mirrors however are just the same as the Fazer you get a really good view of you arm and they do blur a bit as the revs rise. This may be just at 4,000rpm and clear as the revs rise I will add this when I can verify it or not.